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Celebrate Portland Pride at the Ultimate Dance Party: Gaylabration!

Jun 15, 2017 Comments (0)  | Tags: Beer is Love Celebrate Portland Pride at the Ultimate Dance Party: Gaylabration!


This year, we have the honor of being the beer sponsor for Portland’s Pride event – Gaylabration Presents: Make America Gay Again. This late night dance party celebrates Pride and we are excited to have our Helles Belles Helles Lager there to serve the crowd!

We wanted to hear more about Gaylabration so we reached out to the event’s operation manager, Brandon Barclay, to learn more about the event. Keep reading below to hear about the event and what it’s doing for the LGBTQ community.

Why do we care about supporting Pride and events like Gaylabration? Click here to read our post about it!

Gaylabration is an energetic dance floor celebrating community.

This year people can expect an energetic dance floor bumping with sweet dance music and a room filled with visuals, performance art, and smiling faces. This year we have some jaw-dropping performance art that is sure to wow and be remembered. 

Our offerings are also top-notch this year. We've partnered with some of Oregon's leaders in beverage, lining up a high-quality set of drinks to keep your whistle wet, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We're proud to see Ninkasi, Crater Lake Spirits, Reverend Nat's Hard Cider, GT's Kombucha and Guayaki Yerba Mate stepping up to support this event with high-quality products. 

All Gaylabration profits support PRIDE NW 

Profits from the event go directly to PRIDE NW. Supporting the fulfillment of PRIDE NW's core mission.  Gaylabration is a celebration. We celebrate the diversity of relationships and love that make up our communities. This an INclusive event acknowledging that love, relationships, and communities are as diverse and unique as the people that make them up. Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Confused and Unidentified people make up all of our communities. We choose to celebrate that with each of these communities comes a different way to relate to each other, a different way to love each other, and a different way to create community. There is no one way to do any of these things. Each individual brings a new way to love and relate to another. This is what Gaylabration stands for. 

Ninkasi supports Gaylabration and PRIDE NW

Ninkasi was a natural choice as a partner for our event because of the community impact that Ninkasi has a reputation for. I've seen Ninkasi support community in many ways over the years, and it's always impressive to me where they show up. Specifically their support of music and artists. That has always made an impact on me. We were delighted to get a strong YES when we reached out. Seeing Ninkasi's commitment to the LGBTQQ community continues to display their mission of using beer to spread love. 

Beer is Love and Gaylabration

To me, Beer is Love means sharing. Sharing something with someone, connecting, and bringing a smile or a warm heart to the present moment. There are a million ways to connect with other people, and when we bring a bit of awareness to what it is we are sharing we make those moments even more meaningful. Beer is Love is a reminder to make the most out of each moment, especially when we can enjoy that moment with a delicious Ninkasi brew. 

Get your tickets to Gaylabration and use code "BeerisPride". 

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