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Beer is Love Partner Highlight: PLUG & RACC

Apr 23, 2013
Beer is Love Partner Highlight: PLUG & RACC

John Henry Dale and Jeremy Highhouse started the Portland Live User Group (PLUG) as a Portland music community resource for sharing ideas, tips, techniques, strategies and knowledge for producing and performing music with Ableton Live, the world's most advanced music performance and production software. Each and every month, our Beer is…

Go Ahead, Bathe in Beer with Lucky Bear Soap

Apr 19, 2013

Lucky Bear Soap is made with beer. Not just any beer though, it is made with Ninkasi Brewing's beer. Sounds awesome, right? Here's a short story about this soap to make it even greater: Skyler and her three kids River, Sage and Trask found a newborn baby bull calf on the side of the road in Tillamook, OR. The calf fell out of a farmer's…